Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Not to Promote Yourself Online

Because Jane at DearAuthor knows her stuff, and is far more articulate than me in the morning, I direct you to her awesome list of things you should not do while promoting yourself on the internet:

10 Author Online Promotional Don'ts

Agent Janet Reid also has some excellent advice on how not to conduct yourself at conventions and writing conferences:

Yahoo Networking

Finally, this video has nothing to do with promoting yourself, online or otherwise - unless you're wondering what an effective viral video looks like (and you need a good laugh). If you're even passingly familiar with the X-Men, you'll get it:

Wolverine in 30 Seconds

Have a nice day!


Sheila Deeth said...

Lots of good advice and a good laugh too. Thanks. Went to X-men origins this weekend with sons. Enjoyed it. Now to persuade them to let me see Star Trek too.

Kim Smith said...

OH EM GEE> I just snorted earl gray tea. thanks for the laugh!