Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer time and the living is easy

Seems like this week is the week for motivation.
And what I mean to say is, I need some. I need some inspiration, too. If any one has a motivation/inspiration store out there, um… could you send me a coupon?

I heard something on a v-log just the other day that sort of sums up my thinking processes. The writer said: If you want to be a writer, sit your butt in that chair and write. Don’t talk about writing, don’t say to everyone who will listen, hey, I am a writer. Don’t say that just because you’re a blogger in fifteen different places that the blogging is your writing. It just isn’t. No, you have to sit that booty in that chair and write. A lot. Over and over. Rinse and repeat.

Even when my house is a mess? Yes, Virginia. Even when my desk is a mess? Yes, Virginia. Even when my kids and my husband are clamoring for bacon flavored pasta salad from a box? Yesssss Virginia!

You have to finish that book! Edit it ! Slap it in an envelope and stamp it! Zip, zap, zowee! Do it today.

Because if you haven’t looked at the calendar… you only have a few more weeks and the kids will be home for the summer. We all know what that means! It means no longer will there be quiet bologna sandwiches in front of the laptop as you ponder why character sheets don’t have holes punched in them. That shall not happen until fall.

NO more contemplating cleaning the glass on your ship in a bottle. NO more planning how you will do three loads of laundry before you will open the Word Doc. No MORE! Now the kids will be home. Their cups and saucers lying about the living room on the sofa table. Their clothes pulled off and dropped at the bottom of the stairs.

You will feel a scream rolling to the top of your lungs and yet… you swallow it down.

“If only” comes to mind. “If only I had finished that book”. “If only I had sent it off”. If only will not work when summer rolls around. The kids will be there. If only is buried beneath dental visits, soccer games, and shopping for the hottest colors in shorts and flip-flops.

Do you want to be faced with that???? No, you do not. So, get thee over to thy writing cave and get busy.

**Disclaimer** Kim Smith no longer has to greet freshly scrubbed faces as they appear at her hip begging for the gruel that only she can provide. She has none of the aforementioned excuses for not writing. If she ever figures out what HER problem is, she will probably write a book about it so you won’t have to fear facing her dilemma.***


EYR said...

I'm still laughing, which isn't good because I was trying to drink coffee at the same time....poor keyboard:) You nailed it, Kim!

s.w. vaughn said...

Ha! Too right! Lucky me, I have only one child, and he doesn't like to eat (it takes too much time away from his playing schedule) - but I still endeavor to hang out with him as often as possible.

Summer. Not conducive to writing at all... especially when the weather is gorgeous and the beaches are begging for your company. :-)

Sheila Deeth said...

I can't wait for summer, but then, my youngest is in college, and summer is when I see him. Also, he hopes to be a writer one day - he's the only person I can talk to about this addiction to scribbling words.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Not only are my kids all grown, so are there kids--but that doesn't keep them from wanting my time when I'm busy working.

What is it about the sight of someone sitting at their computer working that makes someone think they should sit down and start visiting? Even my husband does that.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

Rebecca Rose said...

So, I was talking to my husband last night and saying the same exact thing! Summer is going to be a Bummer. A friend of mine suggested duck tape, but my kids are way too quick. I fear if I don't start some very serious writing, my characters will be in limbo until September. Sad, very sad. LOL

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Such good points, dear Kim. Although my daughters are all on their own now, I do have little ones over for visits frequently (my two grandsons and my 10 month old granddaughter). And even though I'm laid off now, seeking a job full time(job search is a full time job!), I find myself making excuses on occasion. The house is a mess! I need to dust, vacuum, do dishes. The lawn needs mowing. The garden needs mulching and weeding. I should go food shopping, blah blah blah.

You're right, as always. I'm opening up The Aviary right now and getting to work. Thanks!!!