Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All I Need Are Two Little Words

The book is done, author and editor agree on the edits, and the blurb is finished. The worst part is behind me, right?

It was until I decided the book needed a new title.

Oh, everyone agreed it should be changed, but how do you describe what might be a 300-page book in two to three words? Obviously, I haven’t figured it out yet or I wouldn’t be writing this post. Not the easiest thing to do. Those two or three words have to tie to the story and grab the reader’s attention.

Well, fear not, the title is somewhere within the pages of the book. Thus far I’ve reread the key chapters where I thought I’d find the answer and studied the blurb. I jotted down several verbs and nouns that described the feel and focus of the book. I moved the words around hoping, waiting for that WOW title to jump out at me. Thus far, I have three pages of meaningless words, laughable combinations, and only a handful of possibilities. Not very good ones at that.

It’s been several days since my obsession began with words like, kill, evil, death, and disguise. And by now, I’m certain I’ve driven my family and friends completely mad with my outbursts. I mean, how often do families sit down to eat their evening meal and have mom blurt out, “Strike Me Dead!” I’m sure by now someone would be more than glad to oblige, but that’s another story.

Have a feeling it’s going to be another long day.


EYR said...

Marta, sending you major sympathy vibes here. I'm a sucker for a good title. One of my fave urban fantasy authors does a play on words with Clint Eastwood movies for her book titles. Hooked me big time.

Are you going for some theme, or just more of a stand alone title?Hope the right combination falls into place for you today.

Kim Smith said...

Lol our families just love us don't they? We must be the scariest people on the planet some days.

Good luck with the title search, pal. I know you will nail it.

Marta Stephens said...

Ah, thanks ladies. If good friends and wishes could bring me a title I'd have one right now. :)

Liz, I love titles too and I'm not sure which catches the reader's eye first, the title or the cover. But if either is less than grand, no one will bother to pick up the book. I was in the same frantic rush for a title for SILENCED CRY when I found it in one of my Harper's lines of dialogue.

This second book has several elements and I want to capture it the nut of it in one or two words, but I didn't see any flashing neon lights pointing to one. Will keep at it!

Kim, you know it! ;)Thank you both!!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Marta, I love helping you play around with title combos. And I know - I am 100% positive - that you'll find the perfect name soon. It's well worth taking time on, as you said above.. you need a killer cover and name to draw attention to any book. And Sam deserves it!

Marta Stephens said...

Sam sends his thanks, Aaron! I'll feel much better once I find it. Hmmm maybe I should form a focus group?