Thursday, August 28, 2014

Podcasting again

Our Dora had a great series about podcasting earlier here on the blog and you should go and read it if you want excellent info about how to prepare for one.

But for now, I am going to post about a new podcast. Mine.

I moved my Writer Groupie show from Blogtalkradio over to my blog, and I think it is going to be a great addition. If you are looking for a new audio show to listen to, go on over and have a listen. Writer Groupie Podcast Link

Why did I do that?

I moved the show because I want to be able to do video and audio for my guests. It is kind of fun for authors to be visible (as in video on Youtube) to the readers. It makes them feel like they know the author on a personal level. Of course, for the guests who simply cannot stand the thought of anyone seeing what they REALLY look like, the podcast is still an audio file after all. Now I can provide both.

And I can also record the interview at times that are more convenient for me and for the guest. Blogtalkradio serves a great need but the times they make the podcaster record if they are not premium members is ridiculous. 10 PM on a Friday night? Really? So there's that too.

Most of all, I would really like to see the listenership for WG grow. I hope it will be a good show. I enjoy doing them a lot. I also record an excerpt from a book by Marcia Hylander Black on Thursdays called One Time: The Adventures of Sarah, so if you want to check out an audio book via me, try that as well. All the episodes of that are on the site under the tab for it.

Podcasting is not a new thing, y'all. I am not trying to make out like it is. But it is new to my website, and I am getting a kick out of doing them. Remember, there are hundreds at iTunes. If you haven't checked them out, go on over and do that. You will be amazed. And yes, WG will be there as well. If you have an iTunes account, won't you consider adding Writer Groupie to it?


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Oh, cool, Kim! Now we can schedule another great chat together on your show. Fridays at ten definitely were not on my schedule. I'm snoring by then, LOL. Best of luck with this, it's very exciting!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on this new milestone, Kim. Sounds like an innovative way of approaching a podcast.