Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Get a TEN book deal

Everyone is talking about how self-pubbed authors are getting picked up by traditional publishers. Someone got a three book deal, someone a five, and I thought, I want a TEN book deal!

So how to go about achieving such a lofty goal? Simple really.

1. Be accessible. You'd be amazed at how many websites I have visited looking for writers to interview on Writer Groupie and they do not have a way to be contacted. Many don't even HAVE a website.

2. As an author, you want someone to notice you-so what is a quick and viable way? Give something away for free. Free will bring readers, all kinds, out like nothing else.

3. Be persistent. You will never achieve even a ONE book deal if you quit. It is a 100% certainty that you will fail if you give up.

4. Learn to be a friend/fan/follower. I mean, if you expect people to follow you, or fan you, or be your friend, then you have to get out there and take the first step--YOU do it first.

5. Be real. Don't try to scam your way into a pro career as a writer. There is so much spam and scam out there now that one has to take a bath after perusing email to clean off from it.

6. Find a niche. There are many many many authors with multi-book contracts now thanks to the fact that they located their niche and stayed with it. Do you like to fish? Write a book. Do you like to build birdhouses? Do a podcast. How about helping authors with their writing? Youtube it.

7. Finally, the old adage is still true. If you love it, others will as well. Only don't just love your writing, your books, your work. ADORE it. Be so passionately in love with it that you stop people on the street and tell them.

I hope you remember me when you are a bajillion bestselling author. You're welcome.

Kim Smith is the author of An Unexpected Performance and coming soon, Loran Rudder and the Secret Key, A YA fantasy

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