Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Mirror Effect

Have you taken a mirror and put it up to another one to see "infinity"? I know I have. The image of a mirror going on forever is pretty cool.

That is sort of how I feel sometimes when I read a book about writing. I am not saying I know it all, but  lately how-to write books have a sort of tired feeling to them. Like, the authors all are saying the same things. Or, like holding up a mirror to a mirror. I guess what I am saying, Murderers, is maybe it is time for me to acknowledge that I know enough about HOW to write.

Although, it is fun to read other people's take on the methods required.

I have, of late, been watching a lot of Youtube videos on popular authors workshops and lectures on writing. It is certainly a more interesting way of getting your how-to fix.

In case you don't go to YT often, you should try it. There are more audiobooks *or parts of them* out there for your enjoyment than you can imagine. I listened to the first half of A Game of Thrones on YT and was so hooked that I had to buy the book.

So, in closing, I guess what today's post is about is for you to examine your knowledge base and see if maybe you should QUIT reading about how to write and just go out there and do it.

Be like Nike ads, Murderers. Just do it.

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Good advice, Kim. Thanks!!