Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FIRE IT UP! Get Your Free Kindle Book Starting Today

I’m giving away Broken Angel free on Amazon, today through Saturday, March 9. If you’d like to skip reading this post and get straight to the free book, here ya go…

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So! After two long months of plotting and scheming, I can finally launch my plan for world domination – er, give away Broken Angel for free! It’s a long story, and I’ll spare you the details, but…I’ve been waiting two years to be able to do this. :-)

In case you arrived here from a search engine and you’re thinking, “What is Broken Angel, and why should I care?”, it’s Book One in the House Phoenix thriller series.

Gabriel is lost...

Drawn into the New York City underground in search of his missing sister, Gabriel Morgan is running out of money, options--and hope. Until a brawl in the basement of a seedy Brooklyn bar drags him deeper into the shadows than he's ever been.

Gabriel is found...

By the leader of a secret society of underground fighters, who operates a network of vicious, no-holds-barred matches where millions change hands. They have no rules. No limits. And they have Gabriel's sister.

Gabriel is broken...

Taken prisoner and forced to join the organization, Gabriel undergoes a brutal training program in preparation for the ring. To earn his sister's freedom, and his own, he'll submit outwardly to the demands of his captors and take the new name they give him--while in secret, he plans a daring revenge that will either shake the society to its twisted roots...or seal his own deadly fate.

Gabriel is Angel.

And when Angel fights, he'll do anything to win. Because the price for losing is his sister's life.

Also, while I’m sure you’ll really want to take my word that it’s a good story, here are a few words from other people about it:

Praise for the suspense thriller Broken Angel: Book One in the House Phoenix series

"This book was truly magnificent. I could smell the sweat and blood in the ring. Hear the jeers of the audience, and feel the crunch of bone beneath my fist. Vaughn is very good at pulling out the details with stark words and feelings."
--Jessie Potts, USA Today reviewer (excerpted from Bitten By Books review)

"'Broken Angel' is an unrelenting, and exciting, excursion into the depths of criminal underworld darkness with liberal doses of physical and psychological torture. It is not for the faint of heart, but should easily satisfy even the most fervent fans of action oriented entertainment."
--K. Harris, top Amazon reviewer

"One to re-read on those nights when you're looking for a truly good read."
--Alternative-Read Reviews

"What can I say...it's a testosterone-fueled blood bath, and I loved it."
--Janelle, You Gotta Read Reviews

One more thing! If you grab a copy of Broken Angel, you’ll be helping me reach my insane and utterly impossible goal of giving away one million copies of this book in five days. So rush over and grab your free thriller that doesn’t suck and you’ll probably like as long as you’re not really squeamish! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies (especially if they’re squeamish)!

Here are the links again, so you don’t have to scroll all the way back up if you made it this far:

Broken Angel FREE on Amazon US

Broken Angel FREE on Amazon UK

P.S. Tell me what movie I’m referencing in the first part of the title of this post, and you WIN THE INTERNET. (Hint: It’s one of my favorites, which can be found on my About page)

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I got my copy, SW! Can't wait to re-read this wonderful book!!!!