Thursday, February 14, 2013

Midpoint in a story

We have covered in our writing tip Wednesday past, the Hook, the Plot Turn, and the Clincher. Join me now as we discuss what happens to the book we are writing at the Midpoint.

In this tip, the character will face and be influenced by whatever big thing is in his or her life. In most stories this is the figure who has life and death power. This is the middle of the journey, or the Midpoint. All the previous steps have been moving to this place, and all that come after will move out from it. This section is symbolized by an encounter with someone or thing with incredible power. For the end of the story to take place, the story character (or its life as he or she knows it) must be affected so that the new story(the satisfying ending) can come into being. The midpoint is for that character to either keel over and die or move to the next level.

For example: Scarlett yaps with the Yankees, Harry Potter tussles a troll, Percy Jackson mangles Medusa, and you dear Murderer, will have to come up with something big and scary, (even if it isn't a fantasy creature) to slap your character around, too, if you want to have an effective middle. Just remember, it has to send him or her off in the right direction -- toward the ending!

Hope this helps you, dear Murderer. Come on back next time and see what I have for you!

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