Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time to Reflect

As we move into this new year, I am bent on reflecting about what went right and what went wrong with the old one. Maybe I think if I do that, I might improve my lot this year. Maybe I think if I can find a different angle based on attempts from last year, this time around, I might be less likely to fail.

Last year, I underwent more doubting and fears than I have since I was a teenager, I believe. I had job issues, family issues, health issues, money issues, and I didn't write. No, I threw words on the page. And I angsted. Over what? It's complicated.

Whatever it was...I am reflecting. Reflecting on where I fit in. And if I need to be forty pounds lighter to get there. And I know I will force my way in if I have to because... well, I have to.

Reflecting, what I think most writers today need to hear, dear Murderers, is that there is room for all of us. Big and small, short and tall, writers, poets, dreamers, and thinkers.

Yes, I said that.

The writing room is limitless. There is not a ceiling out there that anyone has to worry about hitting on writing or publishing. Especially now. And if it is your heart's desire to go out and acquire an agent, there is no better time to finish your manuscript, edit and revise, and build that query for it. Send it out THIS YEAR, pal.

Agents are STILL looking for good authors to rep. And believe it or not, in this digital world, there are even more readers looking for new and exciting books to devour. I read that this year, Goodreads might start selling books. Yeah, I know, right???

But then again, if you are a writer who wants to be published quickly, and as we all know big name publishers take their time getting our favorite author's books out, then you should consider the new avenues to getting a book out there. Just remember that you will be your very own bullhorn and have to toot it loudly.

No matter what your decision is, as in my case, this is our year!

So, do a little reflecting then go out and get 'em!


Marta Stephens said...

Kim, I love this post. Just remember that everything we experience in the past (good, bad, or terribly ugly) makes us who we are today. And from where I stand, life has made you one strong and smart cookie.

You are so right on about the writing room being limitless. I'm finally opening my mind to it and frankly, it's exhilarating. There really isn't a better time for writers to meet their goals than now.

My only advice is to make sure writers who decide to self-publish, get their work professionally edited or at least secure several trusted set of eyes to read it.

So glad you're leading this cheer block! ;)

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I have to agree 100% with Marta's take on this Kim - well said and so true. Thank you for writing this for all of us, especially those who might be struggling right this minute. ;o)