Saturday, October 27, 2012

Essentially Yours: Finalist in EPIC 2013 Awards

I'm thrilled to report that ESSENTIALLY YOURS, book two in the Tall Pines Mysteries, is a finalist in the 2013 EPIC suspense/thriller eBook category! Woo Hoo! We will find out in the spring who wins the category. ;o)

Here's a bit about the book if you're interested in meeting Marcella and Quinn, Callie and Copper, Sky, and Beau, the big lovable Bernese Mountain Dog.


Marcella’s first love has been MIA for eighteen years. Callie, her best friend and Sky’s sister, flips out when a mysterious package from Sky arrives on her doorstep. Inside his old backpack are bottles of precious essential oils, a memory stick, and a bag of emeralds. Are these his final effects? Or is Sky alive?

When Marcella’s husband Quinn hears about it, his jealousy spikes. He and Marcella have been married for seven years, and he’s not about to let some punk from the past mess that up.

Drug company goons want the data on the memory stick, which links a newly discovered essential oil with a leukemia cure. They kidnap Callie, hoping to lure Sky into the open.
Marcella’s not so sure how she feels, but she remembers her scalding relationship with Sky and wonders about him.

Marcella and Quinn track her to the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, where against all odds they fight to save Callie and preserve the proof that could change the world.


Read an excerpt, here. 

Happy Sunday to all!



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