Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to keep your writing life on track

As my hubby has some health issues going on, we are on a major health kick right now. The key to longevity they say is to quit smoking, eat right, and exercise. Those simple (well sort of simple) changes will keep you around a long time.

What about your writing life?

In my opinion, if you will make it as much of a priority as your health is, you will keep writing longer too.

Here is my little list of to-do's.
1.Stop procrastinating. If you keep putting if off, sooner or later you will quit writing altogether.
2.Read good books. What goes in your mind matters. How can you write a good book if you do not read good ones?
3.Keep learning craft. You can never learn too much about the craft of writing, and believe me, it changes often enough to never get boring!

that's it, Murderers. Go out there and kill something!

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim! I am also now recommending that people download audiobooks to listen to in the time they can't be reading or writing like when they are commuting or exercising. I now get many more books under my belt per week by doing the audio book thing, and I'm so hooked! Best wishes to you and hubby - we are also on the "let's get fit" routine and are working really hard at it. Keep up the good work!