Sunday, August 8, 2010

Promoting Your Book: the hard part

copyright 2010 aaron paul lazar

I've been lax in the past few years about promoting my newest books. I haven't always done a virtual book tour, I haven't always advertised. And I've let life get in the way off and on. Like when I lost my job last year - that really messed up the focus I would have had to promote Mazurka.

But this year I'm trying to do it "right". (If there is such a thing!) I've redesigned the website that features my debut new paranormal mystery series, I've hired a very talented friend to make a book trailer for me, I'm seeking out new review sites, and have scheduled my virtual book tour for a few weeks after the book will be officially released. I plan to record myself reading my first chapters, record and publish a letter from my new protagonist to readers, and I'm reading to a crowd at big convention in Rochester this fall. Not bad for a guy who's once again working full time, still trying to keep up with massive gardens, babysitting whenever possible for the grandkids, and cooking family feasts all summer. Ha! I'm tiring myself out just talking about it.

I'm also trying to decide which ads make sense. I hope to look into getting my new trailer featured on YouTube,, and more. I've twittered it and Facebooked it a lot. I'm going to get word out to my fans and readers through iContact, and hope to blog like crazy all over about it.

I feel like I'm doing the right things, but man, do I miss my creative writing. I left poor Callie kidnapped and in terrible danger by a nasty old drug company in the Adirondack woods in my second Tall Pines mystery about three weeks ago. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm also writing a third mystery series. LOL.

Anyway, Healey's Cave is my first paranormal mystery, the debut novel in the Moore Mysteries series, also known as the "green marble mysteries." The official release date is August 28th, 2010, but you can preorder it here for a 32% discount, a very nice bargain! I thought I'd share the trailer with you, and also would love feedback on the new website.

And if you want to know who created this gorgeous trailer, email me at I'll spill my secret. And you'll get a hell of a deal if she takes you on. ;o)

I've tried for many hours to get the video to load here, but it's not working. So here's the YouTube link. ;o)

  Healey's Cave Trailer

Let me know what you think!

Have a great week,

- Aaron


Terry W. Ervin II said...


Like the multi-color backdrop on the website and the music goes well with the images for the trailer. Good luck with the marketing end. It's not easy, and can sometimes be frustrating.

Marta Stephens said...

Wow, I'm tired already! All the best to you with this one.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks, Terry and Marta! Have a great week!

Ricky Bush said...

The website works for me. IF I ever get publish and have something to put on my website, besides COMING SOON, I'll get some advice from you. After an evauluation period, file a report as to whether or not the extra promotion effort paid off in sales for you.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks for taking a look, Ricky. Appreciate the feedback. And yeah, I know it worked for me during my Tremolo:cry of the loon release. Question is, will it work again! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what I think...there's some great ideas in there for anyone thinking about promoting their book! I'll be checking back often to see how that goes!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Heh - that's mostly why I wrote the piece, D. So others could get some ideas on how to promote. ;o) Hope it helps!