Thursday, June 10, 2010

Telling Stories

I'm baaaack. Did you miss me?

I have been so busy lately with life things, not writing things, that I haven't been even able to sit down and focus on anything worthy of your attention.

I decided to try and pen something today that would interest you.

Here it is:

The best advice I have ever gotten as a writer was : "Tell a good story"
The best advice I have ever gotten as a photographer was : "Tell the story"

There is a lot of similarities in that advice, huh?

Here is what I think it all means, in a nutshell :

In order to interest an audience who has your book in their hands, you must tell them the story they believe you have promised. Something so beguiling and fascinating, they cannot put it down. I think that is why cover art is so important also. It is the visual face of your story

In order to interest the eye of a potential photography client, you must be able to tell a story in pictures, something that makes them go oh and ah. Something so beautiful they cannot wait to pick up the phone and call you. Or as in this pic, a man about to be married in his uniform, takes time out to relish his soon-to-be wife's ring. That is what is known as a "moment" and that is what photography is about capturing.

It is interesting to me to see the similarities between the two loves of my life, writing and photography. I think I can learn a lot from each thing, and it will assist me with the other.

Major point: Tell a story, tell a good story, and you will have your audience eating out of your hands.


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Kim, this is spot on! What a true and simple analysis of the basic fact - tell a good story. I love your photos, too. You are a multitalented woman!!!!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Aaron, ditto~!

s.w. vaughn said...

I missed you, Kim! I hope you (and your family) are feeling tons better! *G* Great post, too!