Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Being Blonde

Hi, my name is S. W. Vaughn, and I'm a blonde.

You've all heard at least one "blonde joke" in your life. Stereotypically, blondes are air-headed, spaced out, and ... kinda dumb. Of course, this isn't true (I mean, Neil Patrick Harris is more or less blonde, and he's a freakin' genius) - but no matter what color your hair is, everyone has "blonde moments."

I believe writers have them often. We train our minds to concentrate on certain things, and a lot of the time, reality flies right over our heads. This makes us seem - well, blonde. A little spacey. Somewhat out there.

We may be out of our minds, but we'll be back in five minutes.

While I'm on the subject, I'm ready to confess a memorable blonde moment of mine. It has nothing to do with writing, but it is funny. Here's the story:

My sister, who is also blonde, called me from work (this is important to remember: she called me). She was having a bad day - she'd lost her phone, and then she lost her glasses. Naturally, she panicked and looked everywhere.

She finally decided to seek assistance. She approached one of the cashiers (she's a district manager for Byrne Dairy convenience stores), and said, "Have you seen my glasses?"

The cashier, no doubt struggling mightily against a laugh, informed her that she had - and they were on her face.

At this point in the conversation, my sister and I both cracked up. We're blonde and we know it. The laughter finally died down, and - remember, she called me from work, and I do have caller ID - I turned one blonde moment into the ulimate blonde joke by asking, in all seriousness:

"Did you ever find your phone?"

After what I'd said hit me, we were done. We were laughing so hard, we could barely say good-bye and hang up.

Yes, I'm a blonde, and I'm proud. *G*


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I'm not blonde so what's my excuse?

LOL. Thanks for the giggles.

s.w. vaughn said...

LOL You're a writer, of course. All writers are blonde at heart. :-)

Marta Stephens said...

Blonde moments are good. Ask my kids, they keep a log of all of mine!! LOL

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Well, that explains it. This silver in my hair that keeps making me dumber and dumber must really be very pale blond. LOL. Great article, SW. I laughed all the way through!