Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Mickey Spillane Quote

Everyone has a favorite quote. I have several, but I'm particularly fond of this one.

"Nobody reads a mystery to get to the middle. They read it to get to the end. If it's a letdown, they won't buy anymore. The first page sells that book. The last page sells your next book." ~ Mickey Spillane

What's yours?


s.w. vaughn said...

I enjoy Mickey Spillane, as well.

Here is a quote:

Why do people always expect authors to answer questions? I am an author because I want to ASK questions. If I had answers I'd be a politician.

~ Eugene Ionesco

Marta Stephens said...

"If I had answers I'd be a politician."

Love it!

Robin said...

I'm reworking my ending right now, so you posted this at a great time for me.

Next time I'm frustrated I'm going to think of Mickey. He'd go the extra mile!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Fantastic quote, Marta! And SO true!

Marta Stephens said...

Hi Robin!

For me, endings need to have that WOW thing going on. It can be a little wow or a huge WOW, but it has to be there. You know, when a book leaves you with a sense of breathlessness. The old “Wow, didn’t see that coming!” or “Wow, hadn’t thought about that but there’s no other way to end this book.”

When I outline the plot, I have a general idea of how the book is going to end, but that idea is never carved in stone. Too many things can happen to change the outcome; maybe not the message, but certainly how that message is communicated.

I had some unexpected twists come up in the last 4-5 chapters of SILENCED CRY that forced things in a different direction. Based on reader comments, it seems that most like the way it ends (very thankful for that)! I hope THE BLACK PEARL will have the same impact on readers. I’m very excited about this second book – can’t wait to share it!

Robin said...

The WOW thing I had in mind for the ending just didn't ring true when I got there. Now I'm on the prowl for a new WOW. Howling for WOW. Yeah. :~)

Marta Stephens said...

The fact that you are open to change and willing to keep "howling for WOW" says quite a bit about you. Like, why settle for okay, when you know you can do better?

Good for you. Let us know when you find it! ;)