Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Book by Aaron Paul Lazar - The Asylum
Hi, folks.
How are you all doing? Surviving this crazy winter? Last weekend we had a huge snowstorm. It was only the third significant storm since November, but it dumped well over a foot of snow on us with tons of gigantic drifts. Before we got a path shoveled for them, my poor dogs had to pee on the back porch! See Balto, below, with the appalled expression on his face. 
Temps dropped to MINUS six on Monday, and a few days later, it rained all day in the forties! Crazy, huh? For those of you in the warmer climates, I hope you're enjoying your nice weather!
I can't believe January's almost gone. One more month for us of guaranteed cold and snow, then comes March, where we sometimes get nice little hints of spring. Or sometimes we get another monster snowstorm, lol. 
Our grill on the back porch always gets this tall mound of snow on it, and my four-year-old grandson Chris insists it's a snowman. So, of course, we go out and give him eyes, a carrot nose, a scarf (not easy on a grill!), and a hat. 
Although I'd love to go on and on about my grandchildren and how they've kept us in stitches during this cold weather, I should probably talk about books, huh?
After a very long wait, my 28th book, The Asylum, is now ready to order! This novella was first released last year as part of the limited edition USA Today Bestselling boxed set, Love Under Fire. The Asylum features Carmen Garcia, granddaughter to Rosita Garcia, who appeared in Devil's Spring, book 3 of the Bittersweet Hollow romantic suspense series. Set on the wintry coast of Maine, it's a fun read and will be available on March 1st, 2019. I've set the price at 99 cents, but it will go up to the usual $3.99 soon thereafter. ;o) Print and audiobooks to follow. Check out the cover and synopsis, below. 
Keep safe and warm!
All my best,
USA Today Bestselling Author Aaron Paul Lazar

Carmen has a secret, and his name is Dr. Micah Worthy. 

Affairs aren’t permitted between staff members at St. Michael’s Asylum, but Carmen and her handsome young psychiatrist find a way to sneak in a kiss or two in empty storerooms when no one’s looking. It doesn’t take long for her suspicions to rise, however, as she gets to know some of the patients. Why are some kept locked in their rooms, doped to the gills? And where are the two-dozen patients whose names appear on the med lists, but whom she’s never met? Moreover, what’s so forbidden about the ancient passages snaking beneath the two-hundred-year old monastery? 

Something’s off in the asylum, and when nothing seems to add up, Carmen and Micah unite to uncover the truth.

When staff members learn she’s on to them, the threats begin. Can Carmen report her findings before she ends up in the icy Atlantic?

Set on the rugged Maine coast in the dead of winter, The Asylum is an intriguing story of romance and danger, filled with characters you’ll love and breathless action that’ll keep you up way past your bedtime.

Order The Asylum Here


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