Sunday, May 28, 2017

Eden Rising by Andrew Cunningham; review by Aaron Lazar

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On this very special Memorial Day weekend, I'd like to give thanks to every service man and woman who ever lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Let's also thank their families for consistently supporting their beloved men and women. And for those who are still serving -- God Bless!

In the following review, there are two heroes who end up fighting for their own lives much like soldiers do. Although it isn't a military story per se, it reminded me of the courage it takes to survive and protect those we love.

Please check out Mr. Cunningham's other titles as well, they are all wonderful reads!

Aaron Paul Lazar

I have to admit, I have never read a post-apocalyptic science fiction thriller before. But I have read other books by Andrew Cunningham and absolutely loved them, so I had to try book one in his Eden Rising trilogy.

I opened the book in an airport on a day of full travel, and I finished it two days later when flying home from my business trip. I couldn’t get this story out of my mind, and kept thinking about it constantly. I was almost angry when my flight was on time, because I needed to finish the story before I got home and life took over the way it does.

I was hooked on page one when Ben and Lila were sent into an ice cream freezer to do inventory by a jerky boss. When the “event” hit, they were the only ones who survived in their town and soon realized that they’d lost everyone they loved – parents, siblings, friends, teachers…they were all gone.

The amazing odyssey these kids went on made me constantly think, “How would I react in this situation?” “Could I survive like they did?” “Could I kill if I had to, to survive or protect an innocent life?” And it didn’t bother me that they grew up so fast. When life changes around you, I suspect that you would change, too. And these kids went through hell.

The author never lets you relax. There are frequent scenes where our heroes’ lives are threatened and when they are separated. I practically held my breath until they were reunited.

Well written, easy-to-read, and a great adventure, I highly recommend Eden Rising to anyone who loves great suspense, deeply developed characters, and to those who love to imagine the impossible, as the author has done so splendidly in this story. 


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