Monday, June 13, 2016

The Silence of Writing

I know I’ve been really quiet lately. That’s because I’ve been following Aaron Paul Lazar’s recommendation and writing like the wind. I’ve spent every waking moment of my time lately writing. It’s sort of like an extended writing retreat and I’m loving it. But I’ll admit that these long creative periods put a damper on my blogging. 

Writing is a silent pursuit. The deeper we go into the creative trance, the quieter we authors become. In fact, writing might be the only craft where silence means presence, hard work and absolute commitment. The louder the silence, the more intense the author is at work. In my case, I’m working hard on my next installment, and my creative process has hijacked the majority of my time.

Meanwhile, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve made The Curse Giver such an astounding success. With over 170 awesome reviews on Amazon, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for choosing to read and review my novels. I really appreciate your support. More is coming, I promise.


Dora Machado is the award-winning author of the epic fantasy Stonewiser series and The Curse Giver, available from Twilight Times Books. She grew up in the Dominican Republic, where she developed a fascination for writing and a taste for Merengue. After a lifetime of straddling such compelling but different worlds, fantasy is a natural fit to her stories.

To learn more about Dora Machado and her award winning novels, visit her at , email her at, find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

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Kim Smith said...

I need to follow Aaron's advice too. I haven't sat down and written anything new in quite some time. Need to fix that!

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