Thursday, April 21, 2016

What do you LIKE to read on Murder by 4?

Welcome Murderers! Happy Spring and all that jazz...I have been very busy lately writing a non-fic(I know, right?) and posting gobs of long posts on my blog. I felt like my readers didn't really know me that well, so lately my posts have been a lot more personal. You can go on over there and check them out at my website, Kim Smith, author.

I have discussed making more money, getting more traffic, and writing goals.

If that ain't your bag, and you are truly a murderer of the highest order, well, you are on the right blog now.

I am also about to release book two of the Shannon Wallace mysteries. I haven't announced the name of book two just yet, considering writing up a contest or something. The cover art is about half-way finished and I should have final edits back by April 22. So, our hope is that book two is out by May 8, exactly three months or 90 days from book one.

You can get book one here:

My question for you guys today is this: what do you LIKE to read about when you come to MB4? I know, sometimes it's a fluke. You just love whatever we have, right? But...if you got to CHOOSE...what would you like to read? Do you want more murderous stories? More romance? More information for budding authors? We just got our shiny new award from Writer's Digest for 101 Best Sites and we want to keep those babies coming--so your input is valued.

Well, not much news from the news bag these days...but I will be back with something soon!

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