Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall is here!

Wow. The last post I made in here was back in July. And I forgot to publish it. Sigh. It's been that way lately. I have been so busy I meet myself coming and going.

I just got back from a great writer's con called Imaginarium in Louisville, KY. It was a totally fun three days. I was a speaker/panelist and had good discussions with other creatives. I also sold a book! woo hoo!

The drive and the stay was made awesome by my good friend, Linda Rettstatt. She is a terrific author (27 books!) and an even better listener. We had a ball.

While there, I booked podcast guests for every week through November and the ones who couldn't make it to my table contacted me and so now I am booked until the end of the year!!

I am already planning my event schedule for next year, and you can bet Imaginarium is on the list.

Well, welcome to fall, y'all.

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