Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Signings

Book signings leave me scratching my head. They are sort of like a garage sale, sometimes. I do not like having a garage sale because it is not in my DNA to be a saleswoman.

It is the same with flea markets. I can buy things I like or want, but selling? Not my forte. In fact, I probably give more stuff away at yard sales than I make.

So you can understand my chagrin when I realize that all the sales of my book are up to me. Yes, no publicity nor marketing help from anyone in my corner at this time has left all the finer points to me. This part of being a writer is the hardest of all, in my opinion.

If you are a published author, you probably look forward to book signings so that you can connect with your readers. But what about the author who has self-pubbed or is indie pubbed? Or even those who chose electronic only? What do they do for book signings? In fact, electronic only authors, what do you USE to have a sale in a face-to-face event?
I am promoting my self-pubbed book, An Unexpected Performance. This weekend I will be at the Bartlett Festival in Bartlett, TN signing and selling. It will be hot. 88 degrees with a heat index of middle 90s.

I am ready, I think. I have my books, bookmarks, and poster. What else can I take?


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim!

I know - it's really hard to be a salesman and a writer at the same time. I am not that way, either. But here's what I do at signings:

I often take flyers that say who I am - you know, a headshot, a brief bio, any awards won... and a list of my books. I bought these clear stands at Staples where I can advertise a few things like the FACT that it's a signing, the price of the book, and a bit about me. Sometimes people don't realize you are the actual author, and think you are just selling books! So get a tag that says "AUTHOR" on it with your name underneath it.

Then I also print out flyers about the newest book, especially for Kindle lovers who will hopefully go home and find it. Something they can take away with the bookmark in hand if they don't buy, or if they do, you tuck it in the book.

I bring Dove chocolate to lure people to my table, LOL. At least three types!

I also bring a sign-up sheet for my newsletter, so folks can hear about new books that come out on a quarterly basis. Name and email only.

Bring a lunch and some sliced cukes or cheese/grapes to snack on, and plenty of bottled water!

Most of all, have fun chatting with book lovers!!! And good luck!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Oh, and bring sunscreen!