Saturday, July 3, 2010

The German KeZboard

I wrote this silly little piece while in Germany, trying to use the laptop they provided me during the day. Not only was the internet so slow I thought I'd pull my hair out (just for me, it was fine for everyone else!), but it took me ages to compose the simplest email. Here's a testimony to my frustration... Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful July Fourth holiday!


So, iäm sitting at mz German kezboard, trzing to write an email. 

The shift kez is moved over one spot from US versions, and it's impossible to train mz fingers to do that. The z and y are interchanged. Sigh.

And where the heck is the question mark, hzphen, and apostrophe? The whole number lazout is different.

I guess until I get back on my laptop, from now on, I'll be Aaron Layar to zou, okaz?

(If zou need a translation, don't go to Berlitz. I don't think they have a "kezboard" translator!)

I'm going down to the beer garden to enjoz a tall one. 


s.w. vaughn said...

LOL I love it! It's really funny how frequently Y's are used (they stand out a lot when you replace them with Z's! *G*) - and I wish I had a key for the a with two dots over it. Just cuz I like that letter. LOL

Happy Fourth of July!

Marta Stephens said...

OMG, how funny!!! I didn't realize there were so may difference between the keyboards. That would have driven me nuts. LOL