Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inspiration is something to be experienced

Aloha, Murderers. It's Thursday. Wahoo. It's been a rough few days. We have had an ice storm followed by snow and then by frigid temps. At the moment, the time of this writing it is 12 with a wind chill of 1 degree. Yes, and I am in the South. It is NOT supposed to get this cold down here. I wonder what it is in Miami today? I am ready to move.

SO anyway...the question of the week for you ... have you ever gone into a situation just to be able to write about it? Okay, full disclosure, I went on a ride along with a local cop just to see sights and hear the sounds that a police officer enjoys endures on a regular day. It was very enlightening. I also go to special events that are not usual just to get color and flavor. My absolute favorite event such as this was the (maybe 100th?) celebration of the Battle of Shiloh. Talk about immersing yourself in history!! It helped me with the writing of An Unexpected Performance. Those re-enactors have personas and they do not drop them the whole time an event is going on. I found out a LOT about soldiering and camp life in that one day.

As a writer, inspiration is everywhere but it helps to get into a situation that is about as real as it can be so you can capture the sensory details. I felt the cannon fire, smelled the camp fire, and heard the stories being told in every tent. Oh, and that ride along? Found out wayyyy more about gangs than I ever wanted to.

I hope you will do this, Murderers. Go out and find a setting that is out of your norm. And then write about it. Use all your senses. What does it smell like? Are there sounds a reader will identify with? There are a lot more things in events and places than just visuals.

Happy Thursday!
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