Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gearing up for marketing myself

Post number two on the joys of marketing.

I planned to work on my website over last weekend, but unfortunately along about Thursday, I came down with the head cold to end all head colds and was pretty much bed-ridden Friday after work and all day Saturday. This was a real thorn in my side, and set me back a plenty.

On Sunday, feeling well enough to at least start shopping for a new theme for the website (which is based on a Wordpress blog). I selected one and actually made a lot of headway.  This doesn't sound very trying, but if you have ever had to select a blog theme, you know how frustrating it is. You can see the latest changes here and if you want to give me your insight it will be appreciated greatly.

It is my intent to make my website and blog sort of match, either via color or theme, sooner or later. Funny, but my Twitter account fits in there too! Purple is my signature color, and I can hear you laughing. I can't help it y'all, I love purple.

Next up, plan on content that will make people want to come and visit the site. What do you think would be a good event? What brings in readers? How about a cover contest?  Or a book trailer contest?  or maybe just a chance for writers to post excerpts of their work, their cover, AND their trailer?  yeah, I sort of like that idea too!

(PS) since writing this blog post I settled on a book cover contest *visit my blog for details!*

At any rate, I am not biting off more than I can chew for a time. I am hosting a few authors books for a fall tour, and have my YA serial short stories to promote. But I will be working behind the scenes on this marketing thing.

Check back next time, Murderers, for more updates on the Perils of Marketing a' la Kim.


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